About Us

BulkTrade is a self-sufficient and centered trading association overseeing in unrefined materials inside the hydro-control, combustible gas and carbon powers wanders far and wide. It acknowledges a strong and creating fundamental position the degree that creation, exhibiting and scattering are concerned.

What's more, being one of the principle associations in Mediterranean and European markets overseeing in fuel survey oil coke, steam coal and anthracite, it moreover keeps up a strong position in the Far East.

BulkTrade has not recently made relationship with genuine steam coal and steel process producers, yet furthermore works with oil refineries and end-customers of oil coke and steam coal wherever all through the world.

Remembering the true objective to keep up a dynamic and gainful control of the market, Bulk Trading has expanded its business potential with Representative work environments or Agents in a couple of key territories around the world. A gathering of submitted specialists remains with the completely educated in regards to worldwide market designs.


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